The helpful staff at Natural Rewards aims to help you learn about organic and whole foods, as well as other homeopathics.  



Natural Rewards is here to serve you with the finest quality organic and whole foods, nutritional and body care products, and health information!  Make us your door way to total health -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long!



We love our work here at Natural Rewards Health Food Store.  Being here is like coming to a place where you can practice a hobby that you love! My name is Mary Graham and my business partner and co-owner’s name is Debbie Jacob. We feel that God has blessed us with a chance to help other people make informative, personal decisions about their health. I almost died 20 years ago due to many health complications, and alternative medicine helped save my life. This way of life is nothing new; it has been in use since biblical times.


Today’s food is contaminated with herbicides and pesticides and our environment is contaminated with chemicals. It is up to us to eat the right foods, exercise, and take supplements that are quality tested for purity. Supplements are vitamins, herbs, minerals and homeopathics that help the body stay in optimum health. It is important in today’s world to boost our immune systems because we are under constant stresses from the life we live: our environment, what we eat, family, work, alcohol, smoking, viruses, and super germs.


With all of these stresses, it is so important to take preventative action! Both Debbie and I earned our C.N.H.P (Certified Natural Health Professional) certifications from Trinity School of Natural Health, which requires us to keep up with continuing education hours. We can assist our customers with all kinds of health issues, including helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol. We can also help you make an informed decision on children's and adults' concentration issues and nutrients that help pass the blood brain barrier.


At Natural Rewards, we encourage our customers to tell their doctors the supplements that they are taking — we will even provide information on the ingredients. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we might try the road less traveled. So stop by and visit us soon!



Mary Graham - Owner - C.N.H.P.  (Certified Natural Health Practicioner)

Debbie Jacob - Owner - C.N.H.P.  (Certified Natural Health Practicioner)

Angila Davis - Manager

Linda Mealer - Associate

Amanda Bateman - Associate

Patricia Martinez - Spanish Speaking Associate




A valid state driver's license or photo ID is required for all personal checks. No out-of-state checks are accepted. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


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