When it comes to food sold in the United States, the label 'Natural foods' and 'all-natural foods' are widely used for marketing purposes. Yet, the definition of, 'all-natural' is very vague. Most consumers believe that the label, 'All-natural' means that the product is minimally processed and does not contain manufactured ingredients. This is not always true. The lack of standards in most states means that the term assures nothing. In some places, the term “natural” is defined and enforced by consumer laws. In the United States, it has no meaning. Fran's Fryers strives to be better than this. That's why we say our products are, 'Better than all-natural'. When the meat that you put on your family's table comes from Fran's Fryers, you can be assured that it's better than all-natural.

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We prepare healthy, comfort food casseroles to make your life easier. Anti-Biotic Free Chicken, No GMO’s, No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Partially or Fully Hydrogenated Oils.


Most people are too busy to set the table, never mind cook. Simply select items from our menu and your fully cooked food can be picked up or delivered to your home or office. Let us solve your What’s For Dinner Problem. The Upper Crust Meals offers Casseroles and Sides for Breakfast, Brunch and Dinner.


The Upper Crust Casseroles are designed for clients who desire ready to cook meal preparation. Each Casserole is packaged and labeled and available for pickup or delivery. Pop the casserole in the oven and heat for 20-30 minutes.